Major Benefits of IQOS Devices
IQOS is the new revolutionary alternative to smoking that changes everything. It allows smokers to enjoy cigarettes without the smoke and all its harmful effects while giving them a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure.

In a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, IQOS was shown to have significantly lowered levels of toxicants and carcinogens compared with tobacco products. IQOS users report important improvements in their health such as feeling less breathless, having better stamina and more energy. To support these benefits, IQOS has also been shown to reduce levels of certain carcinogens in saliva compared with tobacco cigarettes.

IQOS is the only vapor product that allows smokers to switch all the way from smoking to vaping completely. What's more, users do not need to change anything else in their lives - they can continue to enjoy the same activities as before including drinking and eating normally.

Smokers are particularly satisfied by the product's ability to let them smoke whenever and wherever they want. When using IQOS on an airplane or in a car, for example, smokers can enjoy smoking without the constraints of traditional cigarettes. This means smokers do not need to feel anxious about going outdoors or find difficult solutions like holding a tissue in their mouth while they smoke.

IQOS produces vapor rather than smoke and does not require any special behaviors during use. The user does not need to tilt his or her head, like with a cigarette, and does not need to carry a lighter. Most importantly, IQOS can be used just like a 'normal' cigarette in the company of others without irritating them.

IQOS has been shown to provide the same satisfaction as cigarettes - but in some ways even more so. IQOS has more than 75 per cent fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes or as many as nine toxicants removed and levels of carbon monoxide 97 per cent lower.

IQOS is a device that provides smokers with the sensation of smoking an actual cigarette, but with substantially reduced harm to health while ensuring pleasure in taste, aroma and sensation.

A recent survey showed that over half (56 per cent) of smokers who switched to IQOS reported an improvement in their health. Also, 90 per cent of those who switched to IQOS were able to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoked a day and for most people this reduction was quite substantial. Furthermore, 80 percent felt better after switching to IQOS. Major health improvements reported included: feeling better (68 per cent); feeling less breathless (56 per cent); having more energy (52 per cent), and being able to do things they previously couldn't do because of the effects of smoking such as running or cycling longer distances (30–39 per cent). And over half those who switched to IQOS reported feeling the same satisfaction or more satisfaction with their product than they did when smoking regular cigarettes. Major reasons why people quit smoking and switched to IQOS included: health improvement (90 per cent); smell better (51 per cent); taste better (50 per cent) and feeling better after switching (45 per cent).

IQOS is a product that allows smokers to get the same satisfaction and pleasure from smoking as with tobacco products, but at substantially reduced harm.
  • Jul 20, 2021
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