Top IQOS flavors around the world

We will introduce some of the most popular IQOS heets tobacco flavors and how they feel in your mouth. There are 8 varieties of HEETS sticks of IQOS. We will describe their sensations as well as how to smoke them.

Heets without menthol

1) HEETS Yellow Label
In comparison with the menthol-free flavors, this is the weakest. According to the original description, the blend contains mild and aromatic notes of tobacco.Actually, there is hardly any smoke at all. The taste is too weak for experienced smokers.

2) Amber Label HEETS
As described originally, the taste is of roasted tobacco with hints of woody notes and nuts.Compared to the previous taste, this one is creamier. For IQOS users who have just switched, they won't be able to catch woody or nutty notes. Basically, it just tastes like a cigar. A small "throat hit" occurs in the first puff and then you can just smoke and get saturated with nicotine.

3) Bronze Label HEETS
A soft, aromatic mixture with hints of dried fruit and cocoa, Bronze Label HEETS is an ideal scent for when you want something soft. It is Quite a new taste.A lot of people are debating this taste on the Internet, and some are finding chocolate-dried fruit notes in it. IIt is simply the strongest tobacco flavor in the entire HEETS line, making it ideal for newcomers. It was a bit strong, however, for everyday use.

Flavors with menthol

1) Turquoise Label HEETS
This blend features notes of menthol as well as velvety tobacco and delicate spice. A menthol stick like this may remind you of menthol cigarettes.The menthol content is high, while the tobacco taste is not strong because of this, these sticks are best suited for pampering.It is impossible to smoke them continuously. But, Turquoise Label HEETS is an excellent transitional product since the TH feels similar to a regular cigarette and the IQOS gives a noticeable TH.

2) Purple Label HEETS
This blend of menthol and wild berries has an invigorating aroma of menthol and wild berries. As soon as one puff is taken, it opens up with the taste of menthol and wild berries.You will like its taste very much. The flavor is sweet like Green Zing. In addition to its everyday suitability, IQOS purple menthol is also suitable for travel.

3) Green Zing HEETS
Fresh citrus and herbal notes enhance the cooling effects of menthol.This taste, however, is amateurish. It is possible for you to receive a slightly sour lemon taste on your first contact with this taste. This mishmash of flavors was then paired with some fermented tea. A little tobacco flavor is added, and all are richly flavored with menthol. Atomic mixture! You can use it to refresh or to capture the taste of lemon tea when it's time for tea.

4) Gold Selection new flavor of HEETS sticks for IQOS
IQOS HEETS Gold Selection sticks now come in a new flavor. A roasted tobacco with woody notes and a light refreshing shade, gives this a velvety taste.The aroma is fresh and light.IT tastes similar to bronze and amber.

5) Yugen HEETS
Yugen HEETS are concentrated and floral in nature Fresh hints of citrus and floral aromas blend perfectly with fruity tones. It is very floral and perfume-like, so it will be a good choice for girls.The smell of flowers will likely put men off, so they won't like it.

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